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 Grace Amore Savage

As a long time Indian River County resident, Grace has always been fascinated by her natural surroundings. She moved to Vero Beach in 1988, with her husband and young son, after living and working in rural parts of California and Alaska. From the beginning, she was inspired by the magnificent skies and beautiful landscapes of this area.


Painting has always been an interest; however, she also received an undergraduate degree in Biology, and later a Master's degree in Education. It prompted a friend to say she had a scientist's mind and an artist's temperament.


Currently, Grace lives in Sebastian, and focuses on painting local landscapes in oil. "I paint local scenes that people recognize." One of her favorite pastimes is kayaking down the Sebastian River and studying the skies, clouds, and shades of green in the vegetation. She relishes time spent surrounded by nature and the meditative atmosphere evoked by such experiences.


Grace has retained a love of the Impressionists from art classes, and has read many books about their lives and work. In an effort to develop her skills, she has taken numerous classes at the Vero Beach Museum art school, as well as private classes, group classes, and workshops. She has benefited from the guidance of many well-known and successful artists over the past 25+ years, and is appreciative of their encouragement and direction.





Landscapes, that's what I do. I have been asked, "How can you stand all that green?" To me the goal is to capture the feel of being out in nature: the serenity, the light, and the subtleties of color. 


I am beginning to broaden the scope of my work by adding figures.  A new adventure!

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